About The Demos
.......The Sosnowski Synthesizer can be used in many ways; and the demos are intended to illustrate that.  The majority of the demos are 100% Pure Sosnowski Synthesizer; while others show it working comfortably with other soundware.  Some are played in live from a MIDI keyboard, others straight from MIDI files (via our free file player).  Others are done in sequencers and notation software.  Styles range from Baroque and Classical to contemporary and modern.  Overall, they represent both the flexibility with which the Sosnowski Synthesizer works, technically; and the suitability of its many sounds for broadly various purposes.

.......It should also be mentioned that the artists who created these demos, while most certainly skilled musicians, are not professional audio technicians or studio engineers.   That is, these demos aren't "buffed up" or enhanced in any way.  They're honestly representative of what everyday real users achieve.  Enjoy!

Danny Williams

American composer Danny Williams (website) is an educator, performer, and a truly superb writer of enormous versatility and range.

Danny's distinguished writing career includes music of practically every genre from film to popular to large scale contemporary classical.

Other than a touch of Sonar 8 background percussion, these original demos are done solely with the Sosnowski Synthesizer onboard sounds. 

Many thanks, Danny. It's an honor to have your work represented here.

Demo #1
Demo #2

And a new one just in from Danny, 100% Pure SS:


C.2009 by Danny Williams

William A. DeWitt

William A. DeWitt (website) is from Colorado, and an extraordinarily learned and experienced classical musician with formidable knowledge of and depth in the literature of the great composers.

A highly gifted composer himself, his innovative and powerfully moving Concerto Breve for Violin and Orchestra is a tour de force in contemporary classical writing... be sure to have a listen to it on his site.

William works mainly in Overture notation.  He created the following splendid excerpt from Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 27 (third movement) using Garritan GPO for the backer orchestra, and the Sosnowski Synthesizer for the solo.


The next one is 100% Pure Sosnowski Synthesizer, the first movement from J. S. Bach's Concerto in G (arr. of concerto by Prince Johann Ernst of Saxe-Weimar, BWV 592):


C. 2009 by William A. DeWitt


A Little J. S. Bach...

These are a few quick house demos of several of J. S. Bach's two-part inventions -- solely using the Sosnowski Synthesizer and its onboard sounds. It's always amazing how great Bach sounds, no matter what the ensemble... including synthesizer.

Two are straight from midi files (via our free midi file player) using the Sosnowski Synthesizer standalone player; one was played in via midi keyboard and the standalone player; and one was executed in Finale notation using the VST.

Though these are in no way intended to cover the same ground, they are a very humble doffing of the cap to Wendy Carlos -- without whose extraordinary work we would not be making much of the music we do, today.

Bach BWV782

Bach BWV783
Bach BWV784
Bach BWV785

C.2009 by David Sosnowski


Randy Bowser

Musician and composer Randy Bowser (ASCAP; website) will internationally premier his stage musical, Dorian The Remarkable Mister Gray in 2009 at The Stas Namin Centre in Moscow, Russia, under the guidance of legendary producer Michael (HAIR on Broadway) Butler.

Randy has written incidental music for stage productions such as Proof, and won The William Morris Agency award for his rock musical adaptation of Dante's Inferno.

Emphatico (below) was composed for and realized with the Sosnowski Synthesizer exclusively. Using separate instances for each of the 17 sounds chosen from the pre-set menu, the piece was recorded in Sonar 8 without the addition of any effects or controllers not directly available in the Sosnowski Synthesizer.

Listen carefully to this one... amazingly, in places Randy achieves almost a concert sound: brilliantly infused with that magical Broadway wildness and vibrancy that so often characterizes his work.


C.2009 by Randy Bowser

Got a Great Demo...?
Got a great demo?  Show me you're a real pro -- blow my socks off... and if it makes the grade, your name and work will stand proudly with the best on the page above.  Requirements for recording: 256 kb/s stereo mp3 only.  The recording must either entirely use the Sosnowski Synthesizer or feature it in a prominent role, of course. Remember, these are demos -- so keep the length reasonable.

When you're ready -- post it in on your website or someplace we can download and listen ('s a good place) -- then send me an email about it via the support form. (Naturally, all rights remain with the creator of the work.) - DJS is owned and operated by OEC Corp's CodeBrain InterNET Group
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