Affiliate Program
We Pay 50% Commissions is pleased to offer you the ClickBank Affiliate Program.  This is open to everyone!  Whether you have a business site or a personal site, we welcome you.

And it's easy.  

If you're unfamiliar with the ClickBank Affiliate Program, simply put an affiliate link on your website -- and if a sale results from a click on that link, you earn your commission.  ClickBank normally pays you every two weeks, but weekly payments and direct deposit are also available.

When you sign up with ClickBank, you'll have a "nickname" as an "affiliate".  Our "nickname", for instance, is ssynth.  To make an affiliate link (also called a "hop link"), put your "nickname" in the HTML code below where it says AFFILIATE.

<a href="http://AFFILIATE." target=_top>click here</a>

To sign up with ClickBank, as well as read up on everything you might like to know about the affiliate program...


I've been using ClickBank since 1999, and I'm sure you'll be as pleased with them as I have been.  Welcome aboard!

Best regards,


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